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I always order form here and usually its perfect however this time they forgot the sweetcorn :)

Alisha, 07 Jul 2020

We always order from here and its usually perfect, however this time they forgot the sweetcorn even tho i added it on :)

Alisha, 07 Jul 2020

Best pizza in town! Love these guys

Alin, 17 Jun 2020

FIRST Of All... You guys are Top Notch; can we give you Ten Stars all around!! - the very best pizza anyone could hope to enjoy! The food is obviously made with care and expertise. We will continue to order from Mr. Toppings forever! FURTHER, just to show how class they are... We had a small issue with one of their delivery drivers which crept-up a few times. Normally not one to complain, after tonight's issue, we had to call just to inform such a fine business of a small exposure they might have... Now, I know as a small business owner myself, sometimes these sort of "complaints" can be met with defensiveness or otherwise lack of attention. Not in this case! Mr. Toppings' staff on the phone took it seriously, got the Big Boss (on their own offer) on the line and discussed everything so professionally. Now, don't get me wrong... the food was still PERFECT. It was just a small customer service issue that had been repeated, hence... it was worth mentioning to the business. Maybe a small 'training issue' for one of their deliver drivers... no big deal. It's how they handled it that sets them a bar above! Couldn't expect more from the response by Mr. Toppings. The person who answered the phone attentively took note of the issue and then OFFERED we speak with the Big Boss. The food was perfect and delicious! But the fact that the Boss took the time to listen and was so accommodating... Even offering to re-send the order... (no need! because the food was perfect as usual...) That is how one does business! What a great bunch of folks!! I truly can say, we enjoy spending money and supporting a business like Mr Toppings. We hope more folks spend and support your business as well. You care about their customers and deserve a perfect rating all around. Me, the Wife, the kids, the baby... we all enjoy eating their food even more knowing how they run a Quality Business! And no hard feelings for the delivery person... I'm sure a good business like theirs will address it professionally and look forwards to our next order. Class act all around.. All the best to you, Mr. Toppings!! Very impressed... Thank you. ---Sir Stanley the Great

Sir Stanley The Great, 10 Jun 2020

The food is always excellent, delivery is fast and great value for money. The only place I order from now.

Gareth, 07 Jun 2020

Hey guys, we are one of your pizzas earlier, the food was absolutely delicious but me, my husband and my two daughters are now being sick and have horrific stomach issues. Just letting you know so we have logged it with you. It's the first time we've eaten together so the food is the only common thing we have today. We absolutely love the restaurant so hoping it's not from you but thought it best to let you know.

Mrs Ally Allingham, 06 Jun 2020


Cintya, 31 May 2020

Amazing !!!

Cintya, 31 May 2020


Cintya, 31 May 2020

Never have issues with the service

Kerensa, 27 May 2020

You do not need to improve it is good has it is top marks

Marion, 23 May 2020

This is really good food

Chlo, 17 May 2020

superfast delivery really hot and very tasty many thanks

Phil, 05 May 2020

Hot, delicious, brilliant as always.

Vanessa, 02 May 2020


James, 01 May 2020

Always hot, fresh and delivered quickly. Highly recommended.

Gareth, 30 Apr 2020

Always good value and good service

Dave, 26 Apr 2020

The only place I order pizza from!

Axiom, 18 Apr 2020

Order was 20 minutes late, tracking said it had been delivered ten minutes before it actually arrived, dip was open and on food at time of receipt. Usually pleased with quality of the food and the delivery times so was a bit disappointed.

A, 18 Apr 2020

5☆ Quality Ingredients 5☆ service 5☆ Satisfaction

Brad, 16 Apr 2020

First time I have ordered. Pizza was good and quick delivery. Would use again.

Gary, 14 Apr 2020

Excellent pizza

Krissy, 05 Apr 2020

Took 2 hours to arrive and when it did it was stone cold. Chips tasted reheated

Zac, 04 Apr 2020

I ordered pizza last night and it was delicious, of course. But I really wanted to thank the guy who delivered it. It’s been a really crappy time and I wanted a pizza to lift my spirits. He knocked and left the food on my doorstep then waited at a safe distance for me to open the door and greet me. I really appreciated this sweet and sensible way of delivering. Thank you.

Sophie, 28 Mar 2020

Good value and quality

Dave, 24 Mar 2020

Great pizzas, very quick, good service

Ralph, 22 Mar 2020